Words of the Dean


On behalf of the lecturers and staff of Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management,I would like to convey my greeting and welcome toall the freshmen students to the Faculty of Tourism and HotelManagement after passing the student’s qualification to study in Mahasarakham University. 
On this occasion, I would like students to recognize our faculty as your second home, which is the place for all students to gain knowledge and begin the journey of your new & exciting career path. 
The success of knowledge seeking requires constant patience, searching, learning, balance and analyzing information in order to sustain the rapid change of the academic world. However, knowledge seems insufficient, so students must know how to manage your times for a variety of activities required for both the faculty and university. In this regard, joining the activities helps students to learn from their new experience that is applicable for their future careers. Such activities will teach you about team work, as well as to encourage you to be a critical thinker, a reasonable and responsible person to take care of your juniors and the team. Also, this is a helpful preparation before students graduate as you will be well-trained and implanted with good knowledge, morality and ethics. Moreover, if you hold a strong learning motivation, keep seeking out new knowledge and information, and wisely apply all knowledge received from both the lecturers and the seniors who have achieved their career success, the intellectual competence inside you will definitely shine. More importantly, students must contain an academic comprehension of ethics and morality, as well as be a good human resource for society. Lastly, I would like all students to consciously hold your self-discipline and attentiveness, and wish that you all will cheerfully enjoy your time throughout the overall program’s period in the University and Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.